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Chris - Ed Stoppard

Ed Stoppard Ed has appeared in numerous film and TV productions, including Roman Polanski's Oscar-winning The Pianist, as Bridey in Brideshead Revisited and the title role in the BBC's docudrama Tchaikovsky: Fortune and Tragedy. His many stage credits include the title role in Hamlet (West End), Konstantin in Chekhov's The Seagull (Chichester), The Glass Menagerie and Arcadia (both West End).

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Nicky - Imogen Slaughter

Imogen Slaughter Imogen graduated from The Oxford School of Drama. On stage she has appeared at The Gate, The Greenwich Playhouse, The Trafalgar Studios in the West End and the National Theatre under the direction of Trevor Nunn. Her TV credits include Silent Witness (BBC), as Elizabeth I, in David Starkey's Elizabeth I, The Bill (ITV), and Doctors (BBC).

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Writer & Director - Marcus Markou

Marcus Markou Marcus recently completed a film making course at Met Film School. The Last Temptation of Chris is his first film. He is a LAMDA graduate and playwright. His play Ordinary Dreams was staged in 2009 in the West End. Age-Sex-Location, his play about chat rooms and virtual reality, was staged at the Riverside Studios in 2004. He is the co-founder of Dynamis, an online media company.

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Producer - Sara Butler

Sara has worked on all aspects of television production on programmes such as Gracie!, Silent Witness and Minder. The Last Temptation of Chris marks Sara's debut as a producer. Sara has enjoyed being given the platform to mix her creative input with her production skills and is looking forward to doing it again.

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Cinematographer - James Friend

James friend is a London-based cameraman and cinematographer with an impressive resume of television productions, shorts, TV commercials, music videos and feature films, including Baseline (featuring Dexter Fletcher) and Dead Cert (Steven Berkoff). He is a graduate of the London Film School with a diploma in Cinematography.

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Editor - Sebastian Morrison

Sebastian has consistently worked on leading British staples such as Holby City, The Bill, Casualty and Top Gear. He was lead editor on Girls In Love (2004) and Minder (2009). In 2007 he worked on Holby City Series 10, which won the 2008 BAFTA for Best Continuing Drama. His work also includes the RTS award-nominated Christmas special for the BBC, Elliot's Wonderful Life.

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What's it about?

Chris, played by Ed Stoppard, has found happiness being a marriage guidance counsellor. He loves keeping people together. He may be single but he's got the scars that make him good at his job - or so he thinks. One day, Nicky - his first girlfriend - walks in with her husband, looking for his help. However, Chris and Nicky say nothing, intrigued at where this surprise encounter will go. Old flames are renewed. Now Chris has to choose between the job and the married woman.

How long did it take to shoot?

Marcus and Sara spent four weeks preparing for the shoot - from sourcing locations and crew to script development and rehearsals. However, The Last Temptation of Chris was shot in two days - over one weekend in February.

Sara, the producer says: "We had to do a lot in just two days but it is amazing what you can do when you are well-prepped and focussed. Of course, you have to make a list of everything that can go wrong but when you have a talented cast and crew the problems that do arise are there to be overcome."

How was the film cast?

Marcus likes to work with actors he knows. He was at LAMDA with Ed in 1998. Ed was also the lead in his play Age-Sex-Location at the Riverside Studios in 2004. Imogen was in his play Ordinary Dreams: Or How to Survive A Meltdown with Flair at the Trafalgar Studios in 2009.

Marcus says: "I knew what I was going to get with Ed and Imogen and I wrote both the parts for them. I'm inspired by them - not just as actors but as people - and this is really important for me, in the writing process. Trust is key and working with people you know (and who know you) can sometimes be an advantage - especially when you don't have the time to build a bond of trust - as you don't on a short. It means we can be more honest with each other."

What was the budget?

The film was made for £20k - including post production.

Sara says: "Good crew, good actors, good equipment, services and locations cost money. However, you have to ask what value do you create? How much do you put on the screen? And I believe with this project we really did get good value for money."

What made Marcus make a short film?

Marcus has written two plays for the stage but this is his first attempt at making a film.

Marcus says: "I wanted to explore the medium. Actors, writers, directors, producers - we are all story tellers. And like everyone else, I just want to find the medium I am happiest working in. It's why I enrolled at Met Film School last year - on their part time course. I wanted to see if the technical aspects of film making were as daunting as I had imagined. But they are not. The film making experience, so far, has been a very positive one for me. However, as has been said so many times before, it all starts with a good story. Without a good story, you have nothing."

What was it shot on?

The film was shot on a Red Camera by James Friend.

James says: "Apart from being a great script, in just 10 minutes we have interior day, interior night, exterior day and exterior night shots. It gives the film real texture - a sense of journey - and allowed us to show off the full potential of photography. It was a pleasure to work on."

Technical Details

Completion Date: May 2010
Filmed on Location in the UK
Running Time: 11 Mins (including credits)

Filmed on Red One
Screen Format 16:9
Stereo Sound
16:9 Aspect Ratio

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